Worth a mention close to Black Friday Deals Day……….

Clearance Clearance  Clearance…… the next best thing to a Black Friday Deal!

Well Father Christmas is due not much more than a month away. The Christmas advert competition between John Lewis and Marks and Spencer has been lost or won. A monster of a campaign this year perhaps.

As with most shops some lines are not as popular as others and to help them along sometimes a price reduction does the trick! Here at Tabitha Emily Fabrics we like to offer a few bargains to the savvy shopper all year round. Look at our “Clearance Fabric” to see if there are any designs to add to your collection or to go in the sewing project box to make that lovely hand made gift at an affordable price.

Currently we have some beautiful offerings to tempt you….more details below

Pink Zoo Animal Designed Fabric

Pink Zoo Animal Designed Fabric

The Pink Zoo Animal Designed Fabric is best described in my opinion as a playful fabric. It will cover the cuddly characters that little boys and girls love. Rabbits, frogs, octopuses (or octopi!), little pink birdies, stars, elephants, lions, space rockets and what may be best described as a dog in a spotty t-shirt. I would love to hear your comments and own interpretations!  It would look lovely as a large cuddly toy, bean-bag and even a pretty summer dress. 100% cotton and a bargain at only £5.00 per metre, you cant go wrong.


Tabitha Emily Fabrics. Pink rose butterfly vintage style floral fabric

 Pink Rose & Butterfly Vintage Style Floral Fabric

The Pink Rose & Butterfly Vintage Style Floral Fabric    has to be one that should not be missed.  This surely would set off any Valentines Day offerings you may wish to produce. With its roses and hearts it is well suited for the old fashioned romantics that must be out there. Again 100% cotton and a tempting price of just £5.00 per metre.


Naomi Red Ditsy Flowers on Green Floral Fabric

The Naomi Red Ditsy Flowers on Green Floral Fabric  could be described as not to dis-similar to a pattern in the well known  C..h Ki..son range!  When you see it you will understand what I mean.  The contrast in the colour of the background and the flowers make this an attractive fabric. I am not a horticulture expert but the flowers remind me of something seen in the rockeries thatI have seen in spring, while out walking near our home. Perhaps even aubretia  or the later flowering lobelia seen in summer borders and baskets.  Again 100% Cotton. This is offered at £5.99 per metre while stocks last.

I hope you like these offers. Please feel free to comment or assist me in my creative descriptions. Particularly if you have bought of perhaps have some of this fabric yourselves.

Bye for now…. and happy Black Friday Bargain hunting.



Pterodactyls and Triceratops….the Dinosaur moments remembered!

A funny dinosaur story…

Putting together this collection of colourful dinosaur based fabrics  brings back delightful memories of a little girl (my youngest daughter) being collected from her day care nursery. All day the little two to four year-olds had been kept busy by the team of staff with creative pursuits. One of which was to talk about and name different dinosaurs. In the books there were pictures of brontosaurus, stegosaurus, diplodocus, and the nasty tyrannosaurus rex. A picture of a large flying dinosaur was waved in front of my daughter and she piped up its a”terradaffodil” describing the pterodactyl in he own sweet fashion. Apparently the shrieks of staff laughter were heard throughout the premises and  hence when it was time to collect her the story was retold again to much laughter.

Dinosaur Fabric Collection

Dinosaur Fabric Collection

Dinosaur World Collection 100% Cotton

I have chosen a collection of fabrics to indulge the Prehistoric fans amongst you. With green being the dominant colour in the collection this will appeal t0 boys and girls alike (big kids too). These fabrics will look fantastic in a children’s  bedroom. Perhaps some cushion covers in the play room, a blind or curtains for a play house .. so many possibilities.

Back to the story… yes it continued!

Many years later..sadly only a few weeks ago while trying to recall the story with my now grown up daughter. I was trying to remember the names of the different much loved dinosaurs of her childhood. I calmly named one of these large reptilian beasts a “sarahtritops” much to my husband’s and daughters amusement. It would seem that I had got things really muddled up and was reminded of a cartoon video that was watched and watched on our trusty old VHS video recorder.  The cartoon was “The Land Before Time”. It featured a cast of little dinosaurs on their very own adventures. The muddle was due to me connecting the dinosaur name with one of the characters “Cera” (Sarah!) a very cute baby “three horn” or Triceratops. If you wish to read more click here to read more about this video series.

If you too wish to indulge your very own dinosaur journey! Perhaps visit the Tabitha Emily Fabrics website and check out this great collection in it full detail.

I am sure it will prove a roaring success wherever you choose to use this lovely fabric

Have fun…. Debbie

Dinosaur Fabric Collection


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If you go down to the woods today……Definitely not a teddy bears picnic!!

No Teddy bears having their picnic… but cute and cuddly forest creatures with matching forest themed  fabrics to bring out their charm.
Mushrooms…. or could they possibly be toadstools. I am not sure of the difference. One thing is for sure… if we were going into the woods, we would not be picking these forest floor foods to have with our fried breakfast!  Four of the fabrics in the collection stick with this ” colourful fungal theme”.
Tabitha Emily Fabrics Into the woods collection montage image

Tabitha Emily Fabrics Into the woods collection

The featured fabrics are 100% craft/quilting cotton from the Into the Woods  quilting fabric collection by The Craft Cotton Co. Slightly heavier than cotton poplin, but still as soft!  With a slightly linen look appearance. Each design can be purchased individually or in packs of 5 fat quarters. Great for clothing, patchwork, quilting, quilt backs, lightweight curtains/blinds, cushion covers, bed linen, bunting, toys, crafts etc. Easy to sew.

Firstly we have the deep pink background of the Into the Woods Coloured Mushrooms Pink Fabric with its yellow blue turquoise and grey dainty mushrooms.
This is followed by the Into the Woods Born To Be Wild White Fabric. Mushrooms in blue and pink and yellow. With pretty flowers and conifer trees in similar colours. These are all supporting the themed writing of “BORN TO BE WILD”
The Into the Woods Coloured leaves in Blue Fabric shows colourful leaves on a vibrant light blue background featuring all the themed colours we have already described.
Well did I mention Teddy bears at the start of this post…..a rather slim(yet cute and cuddly) bear features prominently on the “Into the Woods Animals Grey Fabric” with his (or perhaps her) white tummy and nose fur a stand out feature. Cuddly rabbits,foxes,hedgehogs and squirrels adorn the rest of the space along with pretty flowers and of course the mushrooms.
The mushrooms are back this time on a mid grey background on the Into the Woods Coloured Mushrooms Grey Fabric.
Finally to compliment and contrast with all of the described fabric we have the mushroom free  Into the Woods Coloured Chevrons Fabric. This has all the beautiful colours in a striking fashion making it a perfect blender to add to your own creations.
I am sure any craft creation made with this collection will sit nicely in a child’s bedroom or play room. This may even inspire you to bring out your inner child to come out “into the woods”.
I hope you will like this

Thumper once said…”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”

Walt Disney’s wonderful classic animated classic Bambi is well loved by generation after generation. Tabitha Emily Fabrics can definitely say “something nice” about the “2017 Disney Bambi Collection” from The Craft Cotton Co. Recently added to the website, this collection of fabric brings back the memories of those classic Disney Bambi film characters.

The Cotton Craft Co Bambi 2017 Fabric

All of you will remember the cute and somewhat confident for his years rabbit Thumper! He is featured alongside his new found pal Bambi on the “Disney Bambi Forest Scene Pink Fabric” and the “Disney Bambi Grey Diamonds Fabric”.

If it is Bambi on his own you desire then we have the “Disney Bambi Silhouette Grey Fabric”“Disney Bambi Silhouette Pink Fabric” and the “Disney Bambi Grey Foliage on White Fabric all showcasing the cute and cuddly star of the film.

All these fabrics were chosen carefully to blend and compliment each other to allow you to incorporate them in your own creations. To this end we have also put together a  Pack 0f 5 Fat Quarters Disney Bambi Fabric Bundle to make it easy for you get started.

All this fabric is available while stocks last with Free Standard Postage & Packaging on all UK orders.

I could not resist.. do you remember Thumper, Bambi and a few other rabbits first words…

Bur… Bur!
Look! He’s trying to talk.
He’s trying to say “bird.”
Say “bird.”
Bur.      (I seem to remember some nose wiggling here too..)
Uh-uh. Bir-duh!
Come on, say “bird.” Say “bird!”

We hope you will return to our blog to view our posts and look forward to receiving your comments.


Tabitha Emily Fabrics


Tabitha Emily Fabrics Website is now live….

Tabitha Emily Fabrics Logo



After several weeks of tweaking and many hours of work to bring you good quality photo images of our stocks of fabric. We are ready to announce the website is live.  We have a put together a great collection of cotton fabrics to suit all tastes.  We have tried to put fabrics together in many ways to help you to choose the fabric required for your creations. These may be quilts, dresses, blinds, cushion covers, cuddly toys just to suggest a few.

Tabitha Emily Fabrics have  been trading as seller tabithaemilyfabrics on the UK eBay platform. Many of you will be familiar with our cute pink rabbit logo. We hope many of you will choose to buy directly from our website where we can offer a more personalised service. We have also decided to continue to offer free standard delivery to all UK mainland customers. You can now easily opt to have your fabric delivered more quickly as well, if you wish to opt to pay for this service.

The site is mobile friendly and secure  allowing easy use from your mobile phone or tablet.  Payment is easy either using Paypal or the Klarna based credit card gateway.  We have also given you the option in most cases to buy your fabric by the metre, half metre or in fat quarter quantities.

It is our intention to build a loyal and hopefully large customer base with quality and service at the core of the business.

Please return to the  Tabitha Emily Fabrics blog where we will post regularly to tell you about our fabrics and promotions.

In the mean time enjoy your crafting or sewing exploits


Tabitha Emily Fabrics

Welcome to Tabitha Emily Fabrics Blog

Welcome to our new WordPress Blog. You are reading our very first post ! We intend to use this blog as a way of connecting with you…. our customer base. We are a new player in the market of fabrics and want to bring to you our ideas and choices of fabrics and how we see you may wish to blend, mix and match them to create your ownprojects, We would like you to interact with us and give you the chance to show others what you have created.